Better safe than sorry

Recent industry improvements in workplace safety have greatly reduced the number of on-the-job injuries and illnesses in recent years. In fact, restaurants are one of the safest industries you can work in!

But that doesn't mean we should stop thinking about workplace safety. To help maintain a safe workplace and further reduce the number of workplace injuries, you should consider forming safety committees. Here's how it works:

  • Committees should consist of three people -- an assistant manager and two key employees. Select long-standing employees who are loyal workers, and whose opinions and suggestions are valued.
  • Set aside one hour for each committee member to individually conduct a tour of the unit (on the clock, of course).
  • Committee members meet to discuss possible safety problems or violations. Observations are written down on a clipboard.
  • The committee should prepare Unsafe Condition Reports (UCR). Each report details a single safety issue. These are submitted to the General Manager. A ready-to-use UCR form is available for download.
  • After reviewing the UCRs the GM should meet with the committee to discuss the findings.
  • Committee members should create a critical path and work with the GM to correct any safety-related problems.
  • Create an abbreviated flyer on Employee Safety Responsibilities and distribute with paychecks on in employee mailboxes. Post it on your company bulletin board too. The content can be taken from your Employee Policy Handbook or your Safety and Security Manual.
  • Consider sharing a portion of the money saved as a result of lower accident costs with your Safety Committee.

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