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When the happy talk is all about taxes, you know this was a good spell for restaurants. Also on the plus side: a cover-up for breastaurants, a lovefest for the big burger chains and bitcoins make an inroad.

Matthew Corrin pens yet another note to attempt a partial takeover of a quick-service chain.

The situation also underscored the importance of finding the right partner, according to the parties involved.

The chain enlists Alfonso Ribeiro and Wink Martindale to sell its new $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu

McDonald’s, Subway and others introduce new offers this week as industry competitiveness continues.

Make the most of the new year with these occasions ripe for restaurant marketing.

Difficult times have brought extraordinary measures, including these off-the-wall attention hooks.

The chicken chain goes with an unknown actor as its new colonel to “save money" for a new value offer.

The industry needs to know how these issues will be resolved, one way or another.

These marketing mishaps and wins left a mark on operators and consumers.