Burrata is a fresh cheese that derives its name from the word burro—Italian for butter. The name makes perfect sense when you cut into it—burrata’s center oozes with heavy cream and soft stracciatella. Like fresh mozzarella, the quality and flavor of burrata correlates directly with its terroir. Chefs tend to serve the cheese “au natural” or in dishes where its quality and freshness can shine.

The Franciscan Crab Restaurant
San Francisco, CA
Artisanal Salumi & Burrata Bar: Prosciutto di san daniele $9.5, fra mani salame $8.75, mortadella citterio $8.95, fra mani coppa $8.75; combination of all four: $29.95

The Farm and Fisherman
Philadelphia, PA
Heirloom tomatoes, purslane, burrata, pickled wonderberries, cantaloupe broth; $11

Scampo at the Liberty Hotel
Boston, MA
Swift Burrata BLT, warm tomato soup; $15

Via Matta
Boston, MA
Creamy burrata, truffled mushrooms, arugula, red onions, capers; $16

New York, NY
Burrata e granchi; burrata cheese, kumato tomato caprese, Alaskan king crab, celery; $24


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