Cadec Helps Cheney Brothers Reduce Operating Costs

MANCHESTER, NH (Oct. 20, 2009 - Marketwire)—Cadec Global, a provider of advanced fleet management solutions, announced today that it is helping Cheney Brothers reduce operating costs with a new fleet management system that completely removes paper from the transportation and delivery process.

Cheney Brothers is one of the largest foodservice distributors in the southern U.S. The company carries more than 15,000 national brand products and its annual revenues exceed $700 million. In 2007, Cheney Brothers decided to upgrade from a first-generation fleet management product to a more advanced solution that would enable the company to remove all paper use from its transportation and delivery processes. After an extensive search, Cheney Brothers ultimately selected Cadec Global's Mobius TTS®, an advanced fleet management system that enables companies to reduce costs, enhance customer service, enforce compliance and safety regulations, and improve driver productivity.

With Mobius TTS, Cheney Brothers is now able to automatically collect, track and improve key efficiency and safety metrics and post reports in its transportation office for everyone to see.

"Cadec is helping us fulfill our vision of removing all paper from the transportation and delivery process," said Company CIO Joe Haber. "In addition, when you consider all the savings enabled by our Cadec system -- paper, fuel, labor and insurance -- we estimate that we've reduced our operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. That's had a significant impact on Cheney Brothers' bottom line."

To read the full case study on Cheney Brothers' use of Cadec's Mobius TTS, visit http://www.cadec.com/resources.php. Cadec will demonstrate Mobius TTS and its other advanced fleet management solutions at this week's IFDA 2009 Distribution Solutions Conference in Baltimore, Md. (booth #109). 


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