Crepe carts are showing up on city streets and savory crepes are showing up on diners’ plates. The thin French pancakes that rose to popularity late last century seem to be making a comeback—both as restaurant concepts and menu items.

Ravenous Crepes
Saratoga, New York
La Sorbonne: Fresh asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and chevre; $9.95
Beau Monde
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Saumon Fume: Buckwheat flour crepe filled with smoked salmon served with roasted leeks and crème fraiche; $7.50
Ti Couz 
San Francisco, California
Coquilles: Buckwheat flour crepe filled with scallops, parsley butter and seafood sauce; $7.75
Crepevine Restaurant
7 locations in Northern California
Bombay: Sautéed chicken breast with spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions with curry sauce; $9.25


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