Two vegetables in one, fennel’s bulb not only adapts well to a myriad of cooking methods—braising, sautéing, confit and stir-frying—its fronds serve as an aroma-giving garnish. Both parts can also go raw into the salad bowl with tasty results. And the pollen adds a golden sprinkle to dishes.

New York, NY
Goat Cheese Tortelloni, dried orange, wild fennel pollen; $19

Osteria Mozza
Los Angelos, CA
Scallop Crudo, pineapple, lemon, fennel granita; $35

Philadelphia, PA
Seared Scallop, fennel, carrots, hearts of palm, sundried horseradish compote, agave nectar, hazelnuts; $12

Sofia's Little Italy
New York, NY
Arugula al Limone: Fennel, cherry tomatoes, pecorino, lemon dressing; $NA

Napa Valley, CA
Fig & Fennel Salad Two Ways: Port wine compressed figs, confit fennel bulb, chocolate-espresso butter, petite licorice greens; $NA


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