For vegetarians, don’t just hold the meat

uberrito tacos

For many limited-service spots, vegetarian options consist of regular menu items minus the meat: for example, a salad without the chicken, or a saucy pasta dish, hold the sausage. That omission can result in a pretty lackluster dish, says Greg Snodgrass, president of build-your-own burrito chain Uberrito Fresh Mex.

Instead of taking the minus-the-meat approach, Uberrito is offering vegetarian options that are fully composed dishes.

“Our No. 1-selling taco is a vegetarian taco,” Snodgrass says. Uberrito makes its Tree Hugger tacos with corn tortillas, sliced avocado, garlic-aioli roasted corn, jicama slaw, cotija cheese and serrano ranch sauce. “You don’t feel like you’re missing a protein, because you have a good couple pieces of avocado,” he says.

The concept also offers a meat- and dairy-free taco filling called vegan picadillo, a mixture of corn, zucchini and tomatoes. Dishes like
these not only keep veggie and vegan diners coming back, but also appeal to carnivores who are following the Meatless Monday movement or just looking to
forgo meat.


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