Going Meatless for Lent

During Lent, crowds of diners stay away from red meat on Fridays, while others give it up for a full 40 days until April 7—the Saturday before Easter Sunday. To cater to the observant, many eateries are swapping out meat for fish and adding specific Lenten menu items.

Carnitas Queretaro
El Paso, TX
Pescado Veracruzano: Veracruz-style fish fillet in a tomato sauce with green olives, sided by salad, rice and mashed potatoes; $10

Phil Stefani 437 Rush
Chicago, IL
Zuppa di Pesce: Savory seafood stew with garlic, tomato sauce, herbs, white wine and fresh snapper fillet; $14

Butcher & Burger
Chicago, IL
Vegan Veggie Portobello Mushroom Burger with personalized options to add tomatoes, lettuce, onion, peppers, and avocados; $7

County Line Legendary Bar-B-que
San Antonio, TX
Tortilla-crusted Catfish Sandwich with fries and choice of two meat-free sides; $12.79

Sieb’s Pub
Pittsburgh, PA
Sieb’s Award Winning Fish Sandwich: A generous portion of fried and battered fish, also available baked; $8

Urban Lobster Shack
New York, NY
Steamed Mussels in a lemon, garlic, butter sauce served with a small side field green salad and garlic bread; $8

Irvine, CA-based
Sea Dog: Alaskan Pollock fish fillet, creamy tartar sauce and crunchy lettuce tucked in a warm bun; $1.99


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