Krispy Kreme tries 3-pointer with Nike tie-in

krispy kreme nike kyrie

It may be Krispy Kreme’s strangest LTO ever.

The doughnut chain is lending its name and signature design elements to Nike, the footwear giant, for a tie-in with NBA star Kyrie Irving. The latest in a series of limited-edition sneakers inspired by the Cleveland Cavaliers star carries a Krispy Kreme theme, from the name, Ky-rispy Kremes, to the shoes’ blend of green, red and white, the doughnut chain’s signature colors.

The Ky-rispy Kreme shoes are sold in clear-topped boxes that resemble Krispy Kreme’s well-known take-home containers, and are being sold in part via Ky-rispy Kreme trucks that look as if they could dispense hot doughnuts and coffee.

The trucks sold the shoes in cities hosting the NBA playoffs, and are now peddling Ky-rispy Kremes in Harlem and Brooklyn, New York. Only a limited supply will be sold.


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