Maines Helping Home Chefs Learn Food Safety

NEW YORK (October 10, 2011)—Maines Paper and Food Service is trying to educate people on how to safely prepare their food at home.

The Conklin, NY-based distributor has launched KeepingItKleen.com, an off-shoot of the company's efforts to prevent food borne illnesses among the restaurants it supplies. Keeping It Kleen has advice on how to properly sanitize produce, hand washing techniques, a home health inspection quiz and how to do a clean kitchen makeover. The website launch coincides with publicized cases of food contamination involving e-coli, salmonella, and, most recently, listeria on cantaloupes.

Keeping It Kleen Director Julie Lovelass says 80 percent of food poisoning cases are caused in the home. It will soon feature a section on food safety tips for the holidays.


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