McDonald’s to cut drink prices

mcdonalds mccafe cups couple

McDonald’s is cutting drink prices in its latest bid for bargain-hunting customers.

The chain plans to offer $1 sodas and $2 McCafe specialty drinks for a limited time beginning in April.

The deals are McDonald’s latest price-oriented promotions. Simultaneously, the chain is pitching such premium options as different versions of Big Mac sandwiches and limited specialty items like an $8.99 Crab Meat Sandwich, the subject of a four-unit test.

The burger giant has been looking for new means of sustaining a turnaround in sales and traffic. Same-store sales gains for U.S. restaurants slipped to 1.3% during the fourth quarter of 2016. Other customer draws include self-ordering kiosks, all-day breakfast and specialty milkshakes, like the Shamrock Shakes offered before, during and after St. Patrick’s Day.


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