Oysters aren’t always clinging to the half-shell.  Here are some restaurants that are finding creative ways to present this popular first course.

Cristiano Ristorante
Houma, Louisiana
Chargrilled oysters with roasted red bell pepper and garlic butter; $11 for a small order and $17 for large

New York, New York
Kumamoto oysters with ponzu mignonette; $3.50 each

Pacific Kitchen
Seattle, Washington
Pacific Coast Oysters with citrus green tea granita and blood orange cocktail sauce; $12

New York, New York
Spicy oyster shooter; $4

Anchor & Hope
San Francisco, California
Angels on Horseback (smoked bacon wrapped oysters); $2.50 each

1300 Fillmore
San Francisco, California
Marty’s Hang Town Fry (frittata with fried oysters, house spiced potatoes and bacon; $9  (click on “cuisine,” then click on “brunch menu”)


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