What’s the next restaurant chain to be swallowed?

Restaurant dealmaking is at its highest level in 11 years. The transactions record could be shattered if these blockbuster acquisitions, already the subjects of Wall Street speculation, should go down.


Deal on Qdoba is imminent, report says

The private-equity firm that owns Chuck E. Cheese's is cited as a contender.

Operators are offering their own versions of meal kits, serving up bundled family meals that often have an off-premise bent.

Click through to see the list of consumers’ most-craved restaurant tacos, from Mexican joints to burger chains.

Parent Jack in the Box rebranded the exhibition-style Mexican fast casual for a fresh feel

The Mexican category overall saw sales increase by 0.9% to $18 billion and units by 4.1%, to 12,656.

The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

As consumers try to meet their healthier eating pledges, some operators are bucking the trend and offering indulgent fare.

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