Starbucks showcases hot dessert drinks

Starbucks is adding a dessert option to its hot beverage line, along with a new breakfast sandwich made with a “croissant bun,” a mash-up from the company’s La Boulangerie bakery group.

Members of the coffee chain’s frequent-guest program were alerted before the rest of the world to the menu changes. Starbucks explained in an email blast that lattes would be given “our own dessert twist” through the addition of flan flavorings and “hints” of mascarpone.

Added to the latte section was Tiramisu Latte, featuring the soft Italian cheese. 

The chain is also spotlighting Caramel Flan Latte.

Customers are invited to mix and match components of the two dessert-like lattes with other ingredients available in stores.

The new breakfast sandwich features “double-smoked” bacon, cheese and egg on the croissant bun.

Prices were not disclosed.


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