Subway: ‘We had no idea’

Subway and a former affiliated executive have refuted reports that they were warned years ago of spokesman Jared Fogle’s sexual interest in young girls.

The chain told The Huffington Post that it had no record of complaints from a franchisee about inappropriate comments by Fogle about minors and soliciting sex. However, it also indicated that it was still investigating the franchisee’s claims, and noted that the complaints allegedly were aired to Jeff Moody, then-CEO of Subway franchisees’ advertising cooperative, the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust. The Fund was independent at the time from Subway’s headquarters team and completely separate from the brand’s parent, Doctors Associates.

Those allegations are not true, according to a statement issued over the weekend by Moody, who left the Fund in 2011. He told the Associated Press that he learned of suspicions about Fogle’s behavior this summer, when an investigation into the pitchman’s behavior became public.

Subway did not respond to a request for comment, and Moody could not be reached by posting time.


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