Tin Drum debuts 4 new bowls

Tin Drum Noodles

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen is introducing four new sweet and spicy bowls to its menu for the holiday season. 

Available for a limited time starting today, the new menu items include a spicy green Thai chicken bowl ( Thai green curry sauce mixed with roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, and sauteed chicken with white rice topped with purple cabbage), a sweet potato Thai chicken bowl (sweet potato curry sauce with roasted sweet potatoes, fresh spinach, and sauteed chicken with white rice topped with purple cabbage), steak ramen (soba noodles and veggie broth combined with sliced mushrooms, green onion, bok choy, and grilled steak, topped with bean sprouts and an egg) and chicken ramen (soba noodles in roasted chicken broth combined with sauteed chicken, green onion, mushrooms, sauteed spinach and jalapenos topped with bean sprouts and an egg).

"At Tin Drum, we're always looking for ways to incorporate global flavors into our cuisine, which is why this season, we're adding a dash of the Indian staple curry into several of our new limited-time offers," said Steven Chan, founder of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, in a statement. "On top of that, we're literally beefing up the classic Japanese ramen noodle dish with two new recipes incorporating a savory protein and variety of veggies."


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