The 2nd busiest day

For many of you it will be your busiest day of the year...It's Mother's Day!  And what a great day to get the word out about Father's Day...You've placed your newspaper ads. You've scheduled the extra staff at your restaurant. You've adjusted your purchases. You've printed special Mother's Day menus. Maybe you've even ordered flowers to give to each of your guests of honor.

You're on a roll.

Have you printed the gift certificates for the Father's Day promotion you'll be running?

Mother's Day is the perfect day to promote Father's Day business. The best times to run promotions are on busy days--when you can reach the most customers. Give a gift certificate to your guests, inviting them to return with Dad on his special day. How about offering a "Dads Eat Free" promotion? The meals and drinks ordered by the rest of the party will easily cover costs, and provide extra sales for the day.

There's no need to get fancy. A simple certificate is all you need. In a hurry? We designed a sample certificate that you can download, print and photocopy. We've left room on the certificate for your logo and a special message. Start planning ahead, and think of ways that you can create a fun Father's Day menu.

Don't miss this opportunity to market to the guests who already know and love you. You might even start some new family traditions...Father's Day at your restaurant...your second busiest day of the year.


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