Starbucks goes small and Greek in its summer menu

A new “mini” Frappuccino was introduced as a less-caloric alternative to the 12-ounce “tall” size.


Repackaging healthy

While salads remain the go-to healthy choice in restaurants—76 percent of consumers order salads with some frequency, according to Chicago researcher Technomic—49 percent of patrons would like more varied options.

A new study finds that a much-hailed law that restricted the opening of new standalone QSRs in one of the city's poorest section did not improve diets and obesity rates.

According to the U.S. Tea Association, the tea market has grown from $1.8 billion to $10.4 billion in just over 20 years.

When consumers with food allergies turn to the AllergyEats guide for a restaurant recommendation, here are the top-rated options.

A measure already approved by one house of the state legislature would require restaurants to train servers on the fundamentals of protecting guests with food intolerances.

Whether touting health halos, all-natural ingredients or entirely new better-for-you menus, chains are using health to keep diners coming back.

Two gluten-free pies will roll out at more than 2,000 stores in late January. The pizza chain is working with the nonprofit advocacy Gluten Intolerance Group to develop protocols to ensure the options are indeed gluten-free.

Now, at last, the Food and Drug Administration has released final menu-labeling rules for chains, and operators have a year to fall in line.

A survey of 500 registered dieticians suggests consumers will go nuts in 2015, with fondness growing for seeds as well.