Glazier Foods Company to Sponsor 2nd Annual Galveston Restaurant Week

GALVESTON, TX (August 23, 2012)—After huge success in 2012, food distributor and foodservice provider Glazier Foods Company, has announced their participating sponsorship of the 2nd annual Galveston Restaurant Week taking place January 13-26, 2013. The two week event will not only showcase Gulf Coast seafood and the city's restaurants, but will most importantly be helping to feed Galveston County’s hungry with donations benefiting Galveston County Food Bank, based in Texas City.

During what is known to be typically a slow time of year, Glazier Foods Company and Galveston.com & Company are bringing excitement to Galveston Island’s food scene. Restaurant Week 2013 will feature specially designed local restaurant menus at affordable prices for lunch and dinner in attractive price points of $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $40 and $45 depending on the restaurant.

Last year’s event had over 30 restaurants participating, bringing significant crowds showing their support for local eateries. This year, Galveston Restaurant Week is encouraging area residents and visitors to donate to the Galveston County Food Bank, where 100% of the donations will be given to help feed the hungry. Getting more food to the organizations that serve the needy is their primary focus.

“We are honored to be able to sponsor this special event for the restaurateurs' of Galveston and being a part of meeting the needs of Galveston County Food Bank. This is also a great time for locals and guests to enjoy a great meal and give back to those in need.”


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