Meyer Lemons

These golden citrus fruits taste like a cross between a tangy lemon and slightly sweet orange. Most often used to flavor desserts, Meyer lemons are starting to show up in savory applications, too.

Western Springs, IL
Wood-grilled Crawford Farm Lamb Loin and Crispy Lamb Ribs, chickpea panisse, Werp Farm arugula, Paternoster Farm olives, marcona almonds and meyer lemons; $37

Il Buco
New York, NY
Burrata with watermelon radish, meyer lemons, charred pickled onion; $18

Trellis Restaurant
Kirkland, WA
Pan Seared Chicken: Free-range chicken, olives, tomatoes, garlic & charred lemons; $26

Santa Monica, CA
Meyer Lemon Soufflé with sautéed blackberry sauce and blackberry sorbet; $11


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