Police finger customer in chili case

Authorities have arrested the Wendy's customer who claimed she found a human finger in her bowl of chili, according to news reports.

Anna Ayala was arrested in her Las Vegas home roughly one month after she claimed to have bitten into the finger in a San Jose, CA Wendy's restaurant.

San Jose authorities will hold a press conference today to announce further developments.

Ayala's allegations sparked a wide internal investigation by Wendy's. The burger giant had employees take lie detector tests and offered a $100,000 reward for further information on the source of the finger.

Wendy's restaurants in the Bay Area suffered significant sales declines and had to lay off workers, according to the company.

"Our brand reputation has been affected nationally," Wendy's president Tom Mueller said last week.

Ayala has filed claims against other companies in the past, Wendy's said.


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