chick-fil-a meal kit
The packaged family meals are being tested in three cities.

The limited-service chicken category overall increased total sales by 8% to $22.2 billion and grew units by 4% to 14,166. The largest chains may not have the velocity of the smaller, but the 7%...

chick-fil-a smokehouse bbq bacon sandwich
This is the first time the chain has tried a seasonal entree LTO.
starbucks macchiatos ladies
These are the brands people are talking about most, on and off social media.
chick fil a samples
Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.
In the last few years, the build-your-own Chipotle-style fast casuals really hit their stride, expanding into almost any type of cuisine people could think of.

Restaurants have been courting millennials for years, but now the attention is shifting to their kids. As the influential demographic moves into parenthood, these young moms and dads are spurring...

Consumers expect food from the drive-thru to be just as tasty and fresh as food eaten in the restaurant. Packaging is key to delivering on that expectation. And roughly two-fifths of consumers use...

Restaurants’ kid-friendly accommodations are getting the millennial treatment. As the demographic ages, the industry is innovating to appeal to 24- to 39-year-olds, who are aging into parenthood and...