U.S. Foodservice Honored One of Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles

(June 15, 2010)—U.S. Foodservice, one of the country's premier foodservice distributors, was today honored by the National Business Group on Health, a non-profit association of large employers, for its commitment and dedication to promoting a healthy workplace and encouraging their workers and families to support and maintain healthy lifestyles.

U.S. Foodservice was among 66 employers that received the 2010 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award at the Leadership Summit sponsored by the National Business Group on Health's Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being. The company received a silver-level award due to its employee health and wellness programs, which include the Healthy USF program that helps employees improve personal well-being through various tools, resources and health coaches to support reaching wellness goals.

"At U.S. Foodservice, we strive to provide our employees with tools and information to build a strong career and healthy life," said Dave Esler, Chief Human Resources Officer at U.S. Foodservice. "Our employees are paramount to our success. Like other areas of our business, our goal is to produce a continuous cycle of improvement, and our employees' health and wellness is no different."

Healthy USF provides employees and eligible family members with access to online and telephone support programs to address specific health concerns, including stress, nutrition, and weight management. The program also assists employees and eligible family members with a variety of chronic health conditions including asthma, diabetes, depression, and lower back pain. Through Healthy USF, employees and eligible family members have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a supportive health coach who will provide information, support and guidance on ways employees can feel his/her best while living with a chronic condition. Healthy USF is completely voluntary, confidential and offers services at no cost to employees.

"Successful health and wellness programs, like our annual Winning Weigh Challenge that encourages healthy diet and exercise, have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our employees," added Esler. "We will continue to seek out ways to keep employees engaged in keeping their minds and bodies healthy, both in and out of the workplace."

In 2010, the U.S. Foodservice Winning Weigh Challenge had 3,400 participants from more than 60 divisions, who lost a total of 25,948 lbs in just eight weeks through diet and exercise.

"We are delighted to recognize U.S. Foodservice for its innovation and commitment to providing lifestyle improvement programs designed to encourage healthier lifestyles for their employees," said Helen Darling, President of the National Business Group on Health. "U.S. Foodservice and its management team recognizes just how important a healthy workforce is to increasing productivity and controlling health care costs, and we congratulate them on receiving this award."

Winners of the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles awards were honored in one of three categories: Platinum, for established workplace well-being programs with measurable success and documented outcomes; Gold, for creating cultural and environmental changes that support employees who are committed to long-term behavior changes; and Silver, for employers who have launched significant programs or services to promote living a healthier lifestyle.


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