USF Minnesota Division Achieves Green Business Certification

To achieve certification, USF has improved solid waste reduction, re-use and recycling, energy efficiency, purchasing and packaging, and employee education of green business practices.  These efforts have resulted in a decreased carbon footprint, lowered carbon dioxide emissions and reduced operational costs for the past three years, according to the company. 

"U.S. Foodservice recognizes the importance of corporate environmental and social responsibility.  We're proud to be the first distributor in our market to achieve the Green Business Certification," said Russell Scott, division president.

U.S. Foodservice says its commitment to sustainability extends into every aspect of its business.  Last year the company implemented new driver policies, business processes and truck technologies that saved $8.2 million in fuel costs and avoided the release of 22,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of more than 4,400 cars).  The company is also certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay(SM) Transport Partnership, for its initiatives to maximize fuel economy and reduce emissions.  In addition, we've also been using equipment certified by the EPA for reducing energy consumption, and are on track to be awarded the Energy Star seal in 2009. This multi-year certification process requires buildings to score within the top 25 percent of their industry based on energy performance indicators.  


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