Yum fires up new Chick-fil-A-like concept

KFC’s parent company has hatched a new concept that has observers wondering if it’s the franchisor’s response to Chick-fil-A. The venure, Super Chix Chicken & Fries, specializes in simple sandwiches made with largely unadulterated chicken, along with premium fries.  It crows that it’s the home of The Last True Chicken Sandwich.

Yum! Brands says it has no intention of pitting Super Chix against Chick-fil-A. “This is an exploratory concept that may in the future be considered for international purposes,” a Yum spokeswoman told RestaurantRealityCheck. “It is only in its infancy stage.  We’ve explored other concepts over the years and they provide interesting learnings.”

Operational responsibility for Super Chix is a bit hazy. A report this morning in Gawker says the start-up, right now a single store in Arlington, Texas, is run by KFC.  BBG, a branding agency that set up what it calls a “private” webpage to tell the world “private: new work” it did on Super Chix’s internet face for Yum.

Super Chix’s own site doesn’t mention an affiliation with either Yum or KFC.

Meanwhile, Super Chix’s Yelp entry says the concept is the brainchild of the cryptically named Christophe P., Nick O. and Jeff. S.   We know a long-term restaurateur—and a sandwich specialist at that—whose abbreviated name would match one of those identifications. We’ve not yet received a confirmation or a denial yet, so hold on for a bit.

So all we can tell you right now is what you’ll find on the website: Super Chix’s three signatures are chicken sandwiches featuring little more than the meat and pickles; hand-cut fries; and frozen custard.

Definitely stay tuned.


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