AGAR Announces New Partnership With Nor'Easter Seafood

TAUNTON, MA (March 29, 2012 - Marketwire)—New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR has announced that Nor'Easter Seafood based in Boston will be one of the leading suppliers of seafood products marketed under the Nautifish Brand. The brand will also utilize new proprietary methods to help with the traceability and accountability of all fresh seafood under this brand name, not seen in this region.

Nor'Easter, a division of Legal Sea Foods, will supply AGAR a whole host of fresh seafood products including haddock, cod, salmon, tuna and more. Nor'Easter will be the exclusive packer of fresh seafood products under the Nautifish brand for both fresh seafood fillets and portion-controlled product.

One very important aspect of this new partnership is the ability to trace any product produced under this brand. With the use of labeling, restaurant operators or anyone in the foodservice industry can find out when the seafood was caught, who caught the product, what region it was caught in and when the seafood was prepared for packaging, making this one of the most stringent processes in the seafood industry today.

With the recent focus on seafood labeling, packaging and overall quality especially in Massachusetts, this new traceable technology brings very good news to the restaurant operator and ultimately the consumer at the table. As AGAR moves millions of pounds of seafood each year through their Taunton, MA facility, traceability is an important focus for this brand.

The Nautifish brand was developed in 2009 to not only offer fresh seafood products to New England restaurants and food retailers, but to help foster a greater awareness of the sustainability issues that affect our oceans. Nautifish seafood offers handpicked, high-quality seafood in the region and is featured in many independent restaurants and retailers. Nautifish products are delivered in recyclable or reusable packaging and any marketing products produced are made of sustainable materials. Partnering with Nor'Easter only furthers this commitment to the end user.


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