Be Outrageous

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing, Jay has excelled in growing one of the largest and most successful direct-to-the-customer retail marketing companies in the United States.

Direct marketing delivers immediate, trackable, and measurable results that businesses demand—especially in today’s economy. There’s no expensive “waste circulation.”  Promotions go only to prospects most likely to respond.

Want better results from your promotions? Instead of costly trial-and-error experiments, you can easily boost your ad response by using proven tips and tricks of today's most successful direct marketers. Put these ideas to work for you today

Be Outrageous

Wow your customers. Give them an experience so unique — so compelling — that they can’t resist coming back.

T. Scott Gross, author of Outrageous: Unforgettable Service, Guilt-free Selling, says that such experiences are created using four simple tactics: Have Fun; Create Traffic; Involve the Product; and Do Something Good for Others. And lest you think otherwise, manifesting these experiences can be inexpensive, or even free, for your business.

If You Hire Professionals, Hire Winners

If you’re convinced you need advertising or PR agency help, that’s fine. But don’t be fooled by slick presentations. Check references to ensure that the agency or consultant has a track record of success in automotive service. Otherwise, you’ll likely be throwing your money away.

Also, guard against attractive promotional pieces that don’t sell. Good design alone is never a reason to approve a piece of creative. Remember that a quick, handwritten note can easily outperform a slickly produced mailer. As a small operator, you have to base your decisions on what will generate a solid return. Demand results from every marketing effort you undertake, and you’ll find your money well spent.

Lure Them Into Your Ad

You do this by using large type for your headline... smaller type for your subhead... still smaller boldfaced type for your first paragraph of copy... and slightly smaller type (a comfortable body-text size) for the rest of your copy. This technique essentially lures readers' eyes into your ad in an easy-to-follow way. The large type at the top grabs their eyes quickly. Your strong headline makes them want to read further. Before they know it, they're already into your body copy.

Tell Them You Goofed!

It's shocking... and very effective. Telling your customers that you made a mistake (which ultimately benefits them) can be remarkably profitable. Did you order too many oil filters? Too much pizza flour or too many carry-out boxes? Did your baker make too many apple pies? Tell 'em you "goofed"... and say how they benefit from the blunder. The candid nature of this message is very engaging.

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