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50 great ideas: 2016 edition

50 great ideas opener

1. Dessert by the inch

dessert by the inch

2. Codes to skip the line

codes to skip the line

3. Fostering family time in a QSR

fostering family time in qsr

4. In-house shoutouts

in-house shout outs

5. Cold ones for carryout

cold ones for carryout

6. Serving up snacks for later

serving up snacks

7. Say to pay

say to pay phone pocket

8. Loot for leftovers

loot for leftovers

9. Skip the bucket

skip bucket wine oysters

10. Burger battle

burger battle

11. Faster email mining

faster email mining

12. A cut beyond

a cut beyond gt prime steakhouse interior

13. Preorder time guarantees

preorder time guarantees

14. New resident love

new resident love

15. Time-saving draft latte

time-saving draft latte

16. Take-home illustrations

take -home illustrations

17. Blind testing rotating wines

blind testing wines

18. Buttering the bread basket

buttering the bread

19. Chipotle offers a raincheck

chipotle raincheck

20. Doughnut happy hour

doughnut happy hour

21. Benefits tailored to the employee

benefits tailored

22. Online bar demos

online bar demos

23. No-sub combos

No-sub combos

24. A $500 tech troubleshooting trick

tech troubleshooting

25. Starbucks hits the inbox

starbucks hits inbox

26. Tools to open communication

tools to open communication

27. Stars outside of Starbucks

stars outside starbucks

28. Brewing up better citizens

brewing citizens

29. Sample sales

sample sales

30. Butter with bonus flavor

butter bonus flavor

31. Trackable e-learning for LTOs

trackable learning

32. Coffee flights

coffee flights

33. On-the-road stages

on the road stages glasses

34. Pop of red

pop of red

35. Music that matters

music that matters

36. Blankets to ward off chills

blankets the yard

37. Design that hides

design that hides

38. Wrapped up sound

wrapped up sound

39. Controlling noise head-on

controlling noise head on

40. Diana Ross? Order up

diana ross order

41. A throw to e-learning

throw elearning

42. Guacamole subscription

guac subscription

43. In-between portion sizes

in-between portions

44. The kitchen sink of desserts

kitchen sink dessert

45. Forgoing greenbacks


46. Off-peak traffic that feels good

off-peak traffic subway

47. Meal built for imbibers

meal for imbibers bar

48. What’s in the box?

whats in the box

49. Instructions to go

instructions to go

50. Compartmentalize the sides

compartmentalize sides