Spin doctors

The ability to take an idea from one area and generalize it to another is a sign of intelligence. So let's see how smart you can be about holiday marketing.

Here are some of my favorite short-term sales building ideas, with a holiday spin on them to help you pump up 4th quarter sales and profits. See if you can't put your own spin on any of the dozens of other marketing ideas on the site. 

  • B2B Blitz
    Design your flyer to focus on holiday office parties. For example, include a seasonal centerpiece guests can keep and a bottle of champagne for any party of 8 or more.
  • Gone Fishin'
    The marketing ideas here don't need any spin. You'll have a restaurant full of holiday revelers, some who are visiting for the first time. Pull out all the stops.
  • Think Inside the Box
    You should have some form of retail sales all year round. But if you don't already have at least one signature item, you'd better get busy. Use our templates to print the gift lists and shopping lists and you'll hear the jingle of cash register bells.
  • Be Mine
    Holidays are the perfect time to make a great first impression, so dress up the place in your holiday finest. A special holiday "treat" with the guest check can be anything from a chocolate to a love letter. Get creative and those customers will be yours year round.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse
    Here's the chance to really get creative on a limited basis.
  • There's Only 75 Days Left 'til Christmas
    Gift Certificates are pure profit potential. Get 'em out early. Put 'em on the table. Add 'em to the bill. See 'em on the bottom line! Hey how about giving your customers a $5 bonus certificate for every gift certificate of $30 or more that they purchase?
  • Priceless
    A good idea is always valuable. Buy a pizza, a couple of pitchers of beer and let your employees brainstorm holiday marketing ideas. Nobody knows your strengths or your guests better.


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