Who’s got Halal?

Menus geared to Muslims With several million Muslims living in the United States, more restaurants are adhering to the Halal (permissible) food requirements dictated by Muslim law. Similar to Kosher dietary restrictions, the Halal Food Authority requires that a Muslim slaughter an animal in a ritual manner. These are some restaurants following the rules.

San Giovanni Pizza, Anaheim, California

Homemade dough and pizza sauce is covered  with guaranteed Halal meat toppings, including pepperoni, beef, turkey, Canadian bacon, marinated chicken and beef sausage. Halal meatballs are a signature. “My goal was to bring Halal meat to mainstream food, so Muslims can eat it too and feel at ease,” says owner Elsawi Abdel Rhim.

Busy Boy Subs, Houston, Texas

Entrees can be made vegetarian or with any fresh Halal meats. The menu ranges from traditional dishes like chicken or beef shawarma to American subs and sandwiches, including Original Po-Boy with Turkey and Beef Salami.

Golden Dynasty Chinese, Orlando, Florida

While the menu is primarily Chinese, it also covers Indian and Pakistani food—favorites for catering. Signatures include Honey Garlic Chicken, Chicken Tikka Boti and Shrimp Tikka—all 100 percent Halal.


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