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Leadership is about more than communication, guidance and setting a good example. The soft skills are important, it’s true. But today’s leaders build business through taking risks, collaboratively innovating, forging ahead of the competition and making sometimes-counterintutive decisions—all while staying true to their core values.

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The Power 20

The Power 20Local Leaders

From heads of regional chains to independents, this year’s Power 20 spotlights leaders who are on an ongoing mission to build up their home markets and give guests a reason to come to—or stay in—town. These entrepreneurs are developing the local dining scene, setting trends and standing out as the ones that everyone is watching.

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“I never imagined we’d get to where we are now. But I also thought the opportunity was limitless.”Greg Flynn,
Flynn Restaurant Group
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“As we continue to grow our business, we need to have a better system for people to gain citizenship and keep adding to our workforce.”Jack Crawford

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