What customers are saying about the BK Minis

The introduction a few weeks ago of Burger King’s mini-sandwiches was relatively low-key, perhaps a reflection of the limited-time options not being completely new. Now they’re called Minis, built around either a Munchkin-scale beef or chicken patty. But the burger version had a turn in the spotlight less then three years ago, using the stage name Burger Shots.

The repackaging seems to be as much a topic of discussion among bloggers and citizen-reviewers as the burgers themselves. Strangely, many fondly recalled the Shots. They were much less positive about the Minis, though many of the negative comments seem based on unit-level preparation of the mini-sandwiches, not the products themselves.

The exception seemed to be the nutritional composition of the chicken Minis: 820 calories for the smallest serving, a packet of four. Both versions also come in packs of eight and 12. Many of the commentators asserted that all three serving options are bargain-priced, at $2.99, $5.99 and $7.99, respectively.

Here’s a sampling of what’s being said about the Minis:

Yuck. They were dry and sloppily thrown together and gross-looking. They each had a speckle of ketchup and a pickle and nothing else. And the meats are connected! It’s like a big burger that was stamped with a cookie cutter, then dried out, then put in a box and shaken. I won’t be getting these again.

Had the chicken ones, very good, much bigger than I expected, and only 2.99 for a four pack. Great buy IMO.
Chris, GrubGrade

810 calories for the chicken minis?!?
graciHas, GrubGrade

[on Chicken Mini:] The sole mini I ate was cold and stringy in the middle with a texture like a rubber ball. The pickle was lost in the overall suckage of this sandwich, leaving behind a texture and nothing more. It was moist on the inside, though, that being its only saving grace.

The first bite was a surprise - it was initially amazing. The bun was the best bun I may have ever had from a national fast food chain. It was warm and soft like it had just been freshly baked. And the chicken was crispy. I was hit with a strong reaction: this tasted remarkably similar to my beloved KFC Chicken Littles. But then I chewed it a little more. This was not a Chicken Little. The chicken, while definitely crispy, had no chicken flavor.
An Immovable Feast


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