The option will be expanded from the current 500 restaurants to all 14,200 units in the United States.

Never mind the statistical impossibility of a tossed coin landing heads-up nearly every time. Ed Doherty insists his success as a restaurant franchisee is a tale of phenomenal luck, starting with the...

mcdonalds big mac
Tweaking another of its signature menu items, the chain will roll out two new versions of the sandwich early next year.
While not being regarded as a joint employer, McDonald's has agreed for the first time to settle a lawsuit stemming from allegations directed at a franchisee, further blurring the lines of responsibility.
mcdonalds play place exterior
A new test could spur the first significant change to the chain’s kids meal in over 30 years.

At first glance, the manager appears to be talking to himself. Into thin air, he asks what yesterday’s sales were. But then an answer comes, in a computerized voice from a speaker. That’s the vision...

mcdonalds exterior
Strategic planning will be shifted to a new hire.
pumpkins squash
Will the looming pumpkin shortage pose a problem for the many chains that bank on autumn LTOs?
step it mcdonalds toy
A device intended to promote kids' health was yanked after some users complained of skin irritation.