Take Your Customer’s Point of View

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing, Jay has excelled in growing one of the largest and most successful direct-to-the-customer retail marketing companies in the United States.

Direct marketing delivers immediate, trackable, and measurable results that businesses demand—especially in today’s economy. There’s no expensive "waste circulation."  Promotions go only to prospects most likely to respond.

Want better results from your promotions? Instead of costly trial-and-error experiments, you can easily boost your ad response by using proven tips and tricks of today's most successful direct marketers. Put these ideas to work for you today!

Take Your Customer’s Point of View

When you promote your business, lead with what’s in it for your guest — not for you. Don’t say, “Buy one, get one free.” Instead, say, “Get one free with every purchase.” People deal in their own self interest. Make sure your offers reflect that fact.

The Fewer Ideas the Better

Limit your ad to one major idea and sell it fully. Discussing too many things in one ad confuses your readers and dilutes the power of the sell that you can put behind just one key idea.

Freebies work

Not only does sampling and free gift promotions draw more business, but it's also a proven public relations strategy to foster positive feelings and create a buzz that can mean more business. Freebies attract guests you might never otherwise see. Remember Denny's recent promotion? CNN reported "Denny's hits a grand slam with its free breakfast."

Avoid Soft Sell

It's often not enough to simply present your product and price and hope people flock to you. Advertising is salesmanship in print. A good salesperson always asks for the sale... and so should your ads. Say, "Stop by"... "Call us"... "Buy now"... and other similar phrases. Remember, advertising is not just information... it's also psychology... persuasion... motivation... and influence. Don't assume that people know what to do... tell them!

Words Sell

Lot's of "unused" space in your advertising might make your graphic designer happy, but don't expect it to boost your selling power. Words sell... and images assist those words. White space sells nothing. So tell the full story now!

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