Most restaurant operators aren’t paying attention to co-working spaces as potential competition—but they should be. Though co-working spots often offer sustenance by way of coffee, snacks or, in some cases, a kegerator, Mod takes things up a notch via an in-house food program with such energy-boosting items as chia pudding and a soba noodle bowl. With a focus on total wellness, this concept, started by ex-Google employees (and brothers) Randy and Brian Stowell, is taking some all-day traffic.

The Mod team wanted to think forward about on-the-go eats, Director of Brand Experience Jamie Shaw says, citing the proliferation of sugary pastries and sweetened drinks workers often use as weekday fuel. To that end, they teamed up with a nutritionist and food designer to develop lean protein- and produce-centric menu items that are also visually appealing. 

Menu items are organized in a modular format, giving Mod members—who pay a set rate for workspace—the opportunity to “have a little nosh or build a meal,” Shaw says, as well as tailor items to their liking. To promote its offerings, Mod hands out its signature juice shot—made with honey, turmeric, lemon and ginger—to prospective members visiting its two locations.

Tech is used to create a more seamless experience, too, as members use the same proprietary app to place food orders, let themselves into the space and get help booking a conference room or shipping a package. Food orders filter from the member to the Apple Watch of the host on staff, who puts the order into the kitchen and is notified when it’s ready.

Beyond the regular menu, Mod’s headquarters in San Francisco has partnered with local bakeries and provided specials prepared by a visiting chef. As the brand looks to roll out more locations, it will likely adapt to what makes sense for that area, Shaw says, whether that means hosting pop-ups, teaming up with local eateries or having a rotating roster of chefs on-site. 

"Our snack offerings are designed to keep you focused, energized and satisfied during the workday."
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