At casual-dining Texas Roadhouse, the bar is so central to business that it’s been given its own brand.

With 71 boozy beverages on the menu, Texas Roadhouse’s Real Bar offers about nine more options than the average concept in the chain’s segment, according to Technomic data from the latest quarter.

Margaritas are the bar’s centerpiece, making up more than half of its specialty beverages on offer, while beer takes a close second, with 24 varieties menued.

To inch incremental bar sales upward, 500-plus-unit Texas Roadhouse sells its own version of a boozy floater—tubes that contain a combination of tequila and triple sec—for $1 to $2; customers can purchase as many as one trademarked “kicker” per margarita.

Additionally, the brand uses the drink menu to double down on its roadhouse theme. Earlier this summer, it launched a chain-exclusive drink inspired by country music star Kenny Chesney, dubbed Kenny’s Cooler.

“Legendary drinks are a signature part of Texas Roadhouse, and the connection to Kenny Chesney is a perfect fit given our history with country music,” CEO Kent Taylor said at the time of the launch.