Fast casual
has angst
to overcome

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote that “maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists,” and so it has been with the coming-of-age fast-casual restaurant segment.

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The Bottom Line: The fast-casual pizza chain was sold last week to Elite Restaurant Group. But few who’ve seen the finances believe the company can avoid closing large numbers of stores.

The Bottom Line: The potential bankruptcy filing of MOD Pizza further illustrates the sector’s challenges, which have worsened coming out of the pandemic.

The fast-casual pizza chain, for years one of the country’s fastest-growing concepts, said it is “exploring all options” to improve its capital structure.

One of the chain’s bankers is pushing back against US Foods’ efforts to garnish its accounts after the distributor won a judgment earlier this year. The reasoning? It has too many garnishment requests.

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