Fast casual
has angst
to overcome

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote that “maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists,” and so it has been with the coming-of-age fast-casual restaurant segment.

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The famed Southern chef is ready to grow his fast-casual concept, saying it’s “a great privilege for somebody to make something as simple as a burger and fries and see how happy it makes people.”

The fast-casual chain, which emerged from bankruptcy last year, says its sales have surged in recent months. It has brought on new executives and expects to open units this year.

A Deeper Dive: Otto Othman, cofounder of Pincho, joins the podcast to talk about the chain’s recent openings in Texas.

Williams, previously president of Taco Bell International, will assume her new role at the fast-casual grilled chicken chain on March 11.

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