How To Win

How To Win

What will power guest traffic and spending in 2019 and beyond? Restaurant Business and Technomic, two of the most authoritative brands in foodservice insights and data, partnered to create this special report that offers a predictive look at what drove success in 2018 and what will move the needle in the year ahead. This exclusive package offers a deep dive into the dayparts most likely to see sales growth. Plus, RB looks at how the surge in delivery—and overall growth in off-premise business—will impact restaurant operations going forward.

“Consumers want convenience. It's king. The difficulty lies in the logistics. If operators don't nail it, they are going to turn off more customers than they bring in.”DAVID HENKES, TECHNOMIC

How to win outside of the restaurant

“Looking forward, I believe that delivery could be as transformative as the drive-thru was to the QSR industry.”NIGEL TRAVIS, DUNKIN' BRANDS

How to win during the day

“Chain sales are improving, but we are seeing traffic is an issue. We used to say 'more butts in the seats,' but maybe it's 'more deliveries out the door,' because that's the way the industry is moving.”JOE PAWLAK, TECHNOMIC

Winning during off-peak hours

2019 trends to watchSee Technomic's forecast

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