What started as an idea to open just one restaurant has grown into a multiconcept operation with restaurants in several states—and upcoming projects that will expand its reach even more. But Robert Amick, president and founder of Concentrics and the recent recipient of the Georgia Restaurant Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, admits it’s no small feat. “It’s not an easy business,” he said about receiving the award. “You live, work and breathe the industry 24/7.”

Behind the growth, the MCO focuses on developing new chef-driven restaurants that are trendy enough to be relevant while remaining approachable for the years to come. “Guests are more knowledgeable about food these days, and so they appreciate and understand what [we’re] trying to create,” he said.  

“We always want to be current and not necessarily cutting edge, and there’s a big difference. [We build] to make people happy for a long time.” —Robert Amick

Concepts: Basso, Central, Dockery’s, Eight Up, Flip, Juniper and Ivy, Lobby at Twelve, Luma on the Park, Mason Tavern, Nexto, One Midtown Kitchen, Prato, Roof, Room at Twelve, Slate, State & Lake, Tap, The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe, The Painted Pin, Three Sixty, Two Urban Licks