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Tom Feltenstein is the CEO/Founder of Power Marketing Academy and a renowned keynote speaker, motivator, trainer, and strategist. A widely praised author, he has written 13 books, including Change is Good…You Go First, Uncommon Wisdom, NS The Ten Minute Marketer’s Secret Formula (the definitive textbook on Neighborhood Marketing).

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Bold marketing moves to outsmart the competition

What will I do if a huge, highly successful restaurant from a national chain moves nearby? In many cities across the nation, restaurants have had to close their doors simply because they could not compete with the new neighborhood Goliath. The following are exciting promotional tactics that operators can use to instantly boost business. These strategies are designed for smaller businesses to continually outmaneuver their larger competitors.

Get more people in the door

What's the most effective way to utilize our advertising dollars?

How can I get restaurant-related media coverage without spending a fortune on advertising? 

I started a "buy-one, get one" back in 2007 and if I don't run it, I don't do any business.

We keep the bar open till close, but the pizza/salad station closes an hour early; the main kitchen closes two hours early.

In the industry’s collective embrace of the latest social media marketing tools and tricks, a marketer would be forgiven—but not rewarded—for ignoring what is still the most potent tool in his arsenal: the brick-and-mortar opportunities of promoting to flesh-and-blood employees, existing customers and neighbors. Hyper-local isn’t just a new food trend, it’s a tried-and-true marketing strategy and you ignore it at your peril.