Bincho Coal Fired Cheese Dog

Menu PartEntree
Cuisine TypeAsian
Bincho Coal Fired Cheese Dog

Source: Recipe courtesy of Misako Ohba, Bincho Taco, San Diego

This fusion-fabulous hot dog from San Diego's Bincho Taco and the California Milk Advisory Board is the antidote to boring summer menus.


 1 all-beef hot dog

1 corn tortilla

 Mexican blend shredded cheese, as need to cook crispy on tortilla

Mozzarella cheese, as needed for inside the hot dog

Onions, diced, for topping, as needed

Cilantro, as needed

Chipotle aioli, as needed



1. Throw hot dog on Japanese grill over binchotan charcoals.

2. While hot dog cooks, throw small handful of Mexican cheese blend on griddle. Place tortilla on cheese. Add extra Mexican blend cheese on ends of tortilla, basically extending the tortilla. Add mozzarella in center of torilla, along with onions, cilantro, chipotle aioli and the hot dog. 

2. Gently take tortilla and fold from both sides so two ends are touching and seal. Leave tortilla on griddle until mozzarella is completely melted in the center. 

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