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D is Silent

L.A. Jackson

The Thompson Hotel

Nashville, Tenn.

The L.A. Jackson is a rooftop bar at the Thompson Nashville Hotel specializing in craft cocktails and creative small plates. The creative bartenders are skilled at balancing ingredients and flavors to craft alcohol-free drinks that rival the spirit-based ones. This spicy mocktail is made with ginger, lime, honey, pineapple and chili and topped with soda.


¾ oz. grated ginger

¾ oz. lime juice

½ oz. honey

1¼ oz. pineapple juice

3 dashes chili sauce

Club soda or sparkling water

Cilantro and ginger for garnish


  1. In shaker combine ginger, lime juice, honey, pineapple juice and chili sauce; shake well. Add club soda; shake gently again.
  2. Pour into tall glass over crushed ice and garnish with ginger and cilantro.

Photo courtesy of L.A. Jackson

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