Raspberry Creamsicle Oat Bowl

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Raspberry Creamsicle Oat Bowl

Source: Recipe courtesy of Washington Red Raspberry Commission

Creamy orange and raspberry flavors combine in this anytime oat bowl, perfect for brunch, breakfast and beyond. Created by Chef Rebecca Polson.


2 gallons water

1 gallon 1% milk

25 cups quick rolled oats

2 Tbsps. vanilla extract

1 Tbsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. kosher salt

2 cups mandarin orange juice, saved from can

1 cup orange juice

2 cups (or more for deeper pink color) red raspberry seedless puree

For topping:

12 1/2 cups IQF whole and broken red raspberries

12 1/2 cups mandarin oranges, canned, drained, save juice

6 1/4 cups vanilla yogurt

6 1/4 cups granola


1. Add water and milk to kettle or tilt skillet. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

2. Add oats, vanilla, cinnamon and salt, reduce heat to low, and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

3. Add both orange juices to the oats, in the last 5 minutes of the cooking process. Cook the oats to a minimum of 145 °F. Hold hot at 135 °F until time of service.

4. Before service, stir in raspberry puree. More can be added to deeper pink color.

5. To assemble each bowl: Add 1 cup (#4 scoop) of oats to bowl.

6. Top with 1⁄4 cup (2 oz spoodle) IQF whole and broken (crumbles) red raspberries

7. Top with 1⁄4 cup (2 oz spoodle) mandarin oranges.

8. Top with 1⁄8 cup (#30 scoop) yogurt.

9. Top with 1⁄8 cup (1 oz spoodle) granola.

Photo and recipe courtesy of  Washington Red Raspberry Commission


you have oats left over, cool properly and save for Raspberry Creamsicle Parfaits.

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