Roasted Cod Niçoise Salad

IngredientsSeafood, Potatoes, Vegetables
Day PartDinner, Lunch
Menu PartSalad
Cuisine TypeFrench
Roasted Cod Niçoise Salad

Simple baked cod fillets atop a niçoise salad of haricot vert, potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper, and zucchini with vinaigrette dressing.


1 1⁄2 lb. haricot vert, trimmed, blanched, shocked
3 lb. red potatoes, quartered, blanched, shocked
6 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
3⁄4 lb. red bell pepper, diced
3⁄4 lb. zucchini, diced
7 cups vinaigrette
3 lb. spinach or arugula
8 lb. Alaska cod fillets
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 1⁄2 cups Niçoise olives, chopped


1. In bowl, mix haricot vert, potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper, and zucchini. Toss with 4 cups vinaigrette; refrigerate.

2. In second bowl, toss spinach with 3 cups vinaigrette; cover and refrigerate.

3. Season cod fillets with salt and pepper. Place on oiled sheet pan; bake in 425ºF oven 7-10 min., or until fish flakes.

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