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Quiz: Can you ace this cold-coffee test?

Cold and iced coffee are often thought of as warm-weather drinks, but in reality, many consumers still enjoy chilled drinks even as the temperatures drop. Test your knowledge about cold coffee to make sure you’re maximizing coffee sales as cooler weather approaches.


Capturing the beverage sale with off-premise orders

For most restaurant operators, takeout and delivery aren’t necessarily new offerings, but with unprecedented market challenges this year it is increasingly important for operators to encourage anything that can help boost the average check and overall consumer spending.

For most consumers, coffee is more than just a morning ritual. That’s especially true for cold coffee drinks, which are often perceived as a snack all by themselves or paired with a sweet or savory indulgence.

Restaurant operators are probably familiar with elaborate pour-over rituals, typically seen at specialty coffee bars. The process involves measuring a specific amount of coffee, then pouring water kept at a specific temperature over it in a slow stream.

Cold coffees in various forms have been gaining traction across the restaurant spectrum, from QSR to fine dining.

America loves gourmet coffee, and nothing fits the bill like hot specialty drinks, particularly those made with espresso.

High-tech features continue to percolate through all aspects of restaurant coffee service.

Savvy operators have moved beyond simply offering a cup of joe and have turned their coffee bars into neighborhood meeting places.

When it comes to beverages, coffee and tea service is impossible without a constant supply of hot water. And it’s indispensable for cleaning and sanitizing utensils and equipment.

When it comes to trying to define the millennial generation, it’s hard to make generalizations. There is one thing, however, that can be said about them with some certainty: They love specialty coffee beverages. And that’s not just opinion; the statistics bear it out.

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