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California Milk Advisory Board

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Optimize menus and boost profits with versatile ingredients

Between navigating dining room closures and the growing demand for off-premise service, operators are now forced to rethink everything from restaurant capacity limits to the menu itself in the wake of the pandemic.


Elevating takeout and delivery with real California dairy

One way to boost consumers’ enjoyment of takeout and delivery—either as a prepared meal or otherwise—is by incorporating California cheeses in the offerings.

For restaurants, the opportunity to get creative with plant-based foods is high, especially when incorporating global flavors.

California's dairy producers and processors, along with regulators and retailers, have responded thoughtfully to the environmental challenges faced by the industry.

For operators that want to add authentic flavors, using authentic ingredients is key. Using California Hispanic-style cheeses helps enhance the flavor of dishes.

On May 9, 11 chefs spent a competitive day crafting and working pizza dough, developing unique toppings and sauces and combining innovative blends of California cheeses. That day, the California Milk ...

The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) announced 11 finalists in the 2019 Real California Pizza Contest—a search for the best recipes using Real California Cheese.

From cookbooks to restaurants, the U.S. is experiencing an unprecedented trend toward celebrating the fresh appeal of produce.

New twists on the pizza platform offer a blank canvas for many chefs.