Food & Beverage Intelligence

Food & Beverage Intelligence

Three out of four consumers turn to an online review site when they are looking for a place to eat and the most popular ones have historical database that track every review.

You can no longer ignore the cacophony of voices on the Internet if you are in the service industry and you shouldn’t want to–there are estimates that each additional ratings star rating on a Yelp! review translates to a revenue increase between 5% and 9%.

Food + Beverage Intelligence offers proactive solutions. We objectively investigate your bar, restaurant, nightclub or hotel and analyze the factors that influence the guest experience. We use covert observation techniques to help you get ahead of issues before they are broadcast on Trip Advisor and bring to bear next-level operational expertise to make every guest an evangelist.

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Ignore social media and online reviews at your own risk

Proactive restaurateurs and bar owners aren’t content to take a passive approach to amateur Yelpers.