GOJO Industries, the inventors of the PURELL brand

GOJO Industries, the inventors of the PURELL brand

The PURELL® brand is universally recognized and trusted for providing effective protection from germs.1 The PURELL® brand enhances the image of your restaurant by showing you care enough to provide the very best, while allowing you to take credit for the unseen things you do to make your restaurant great.

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Highlight Cleanliness To Reassure and Welcome Diners

Where consumers may have been looking for an exciting menu or great atmosphere as their only needs when choosing where to dine, they may now be looking for other things, such as tables with more distance between them, staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or visible cleaning schedules.


5 ways to boost customers’ summer dining experience

Here are five ways restaurant operators can boost customers’ summer dining experience—and increase sales.

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Restaurants are communicating cleanliness efforts to customers, whether guests dine-in or order takeout.

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