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J&J Snack Foods

J&J Snack Foods

J&J Snack Foods Corp. manufactures nutritional snack foods and distributes frozen beverages, which it markets nationally to the food service and retail supermarket industries.

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Oktoberfest snacks perfect for fall noshing

Summertime is just around the corner, but believe it or not, now’s the time to make plans for a successful fall. Oktoberfest will be here before operators know it, so it’s important to get started on ...


Boost menu appeal and attract diners with fresh flavors and name-brand snacks

Shifts in consumer dining habits and preferences have been a major focus for restaurant operators navigating market recovery—and changes in how diners define good value are some of the most important....

Cooler weather brings the opportunity to offer new and exciting flavors, but also gives operators the chance to deliver a fun and entertaining experience with LTOs.

Here are a few ways to leverage classic snacks and summer treats.

Here are some best practices for simplifying the menu, keeping labor low and minimizing waste—all while keeping the menu as exciting and craveable as ever.

Find out what operators are doing to make sandwiches more upscale.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants have leaned heavily on takeout and delivery orders to keep their businesses afloat.

Here are a few ideas for maximizing National Soft Pretzel Month.

By providing more customization opportunities, operators can pare down the number of items in the kitchen while adding variety to the menu. Here are a few ways to do this.

J&J Snack Foods finalizing 2020 kids menu.

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