Knouse Foodservice

Knouse Foodservice

Knouse Foods is an established growers’ co-op with more than 50 years of partnership that grows ever stronger. Our brands feature the quality products of 150 “family” members whose orchards are nestled along the Appalachian Mountains and throughout the rich, rolling meadows of the Midwest.

Just like you, food is our business. By controlling the entire production process from farm to table, we offer you and your patrons a bounty of fruit products that meet the highest standards for taste, quality and consistency. You’ll find these distinctive characteristics in every Musselman’s, Lucky Leaf or Apple Time branded product you select.

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3 Reasons Applesauce is the Answer for QSR

Here are three common QSR operator questions, each of which has a very appetizing answer.


3 ways to save on labor, food costs with versatile ingredients

Trending flavors can change from week to week, which leaves some restaurant kitchens with a challenge—how can they consistently offer the options consumers are clamoring for without blowing their budg...

Summer fruits get all the glory, but fall produce can be just as sweet on dessert menus.The autumn season provides an opportunity to populate menus with...

Over 90 percent of all restaurants offer some kind of dessert, according to Datassential. With so many locations offering consumers the chance to indulge, how can operators differentiate their dessert menus from those of their competitors? For some, the answer lies in incorporating flavors and formats from around the world.

Between consumers’ move toward health and wellness and their desire to indulge when dining away from home, desserts are facing a dichotomy these days. Savvy operators, though, are bridging this gap with better-for-you desserts and innovative portion control that provide guests with a guilt-free sweet ending.

For operators, the holidays can be a make-or-break time. Many expect a high number of first-time visitors into their establishments, and this time of year is a chance to convert them into repeat customers.

A growing number of adventurous chefs are crossing the line and combining salty, savory and sweet in menu items beyond just desserts.